May 30, 2012

By David Rensberger[1]

Walking to Work

This is the world Christ died
to give the world: spring is whistling
up winter's flues, the common faith
that empty lots are empty
and that random plants are weeds
now shatters on the sharp critique
of brainless bugs, dumb vines.
Earthworms drive endless screwholes
through the sticking turf,
absurd powers rise from beachheads
of accident, neglect, and passion
to rankle under morning walks
to work. For this his work
Christ, dew-shanked, thistle-boned,
is risen. Sunrise:
birds holler down the air.

[1]"Walking to Work" by David Rensberger. Reprinted from Weavings XVII/2, March/April 2002, "Creativity."




By Glandion Carney[2]

Open Heart Prayer

Dear God, Father God, Mother God, God Eternal, Jesus the Begotten Son, Holy Spirit, Creator, Sustainer, Giver of Life; we have opened ourselves to new ideas, new ways of the Spirit, and a deepening of the soul. We recognize that the struggle to find vision for life in community is part of a process. But we must say, Lord, sometimes we are tempted to change the process instead of allowing it to happen.

When we are honest, we must say that sometimes we have been frightened, challenged, overwhelmed, and intimidated in discovering ourselves through this journey toward you, this journey of rhythm and fire.

Yet we open our hearts to you.

We pray that we will be able to live out the Spirit we have found in community and solitude. We trust that the outcome will be good for our hearts and for your world, yet even more deeply we trust that it will be pleasing to you.

So, our hearts have been exposed; our spirits have been challenged; our minds have been opened. Now we offer our lives back to you to be formed and shaped and even inflamed with your passionate love. In Christ's name. Amen.


[2]Experiencing the Holy in Community and Solitude, edited by Jerry P. Haas and Cynthia Langston Kirk. Copyright 2008 by Upper Room Books®. Used by permission. To order, phone 1.800.972.0433 or go to




By Weavings Staff


SOULfeast is "a spiritual feast for all God's people" that includes teaching, preaching, Sabbath rest, and fellowship. SOULfeast will be held at Lake Junaluska, NC July 8-12.

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"I pray daily to transform my fears, to learn from them."  ˜ Anne Marie Drew


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