Sunday worship at Douglas Street United Methodist Church starts when families and friends enter the sanctuary. Inside, ushers hand out bulletins. Acolytes rush to find their robes. Folks sip coffee and chat. Sound familiar? This could be your church, except for one difference – at Douglas Street UMC you are greeted in two languages: “Good morning. Buenos días.”

Douglas Street UMC in Cartersville, Georgia, is experiencing change. Several years ago the aging congregation had a decision to make – whether to reach out and welcome their new neighbors or close their doors.

Rev. Angela Gilreath-Rivers and the retired Rev. Curtis Rivers used El Aposento Alto and The Upper Room to lead their congregation through its cultural and language differences.

Did You Know?

  • Hispanics are the largest ethnic minority and the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population.
  • The United States is now the 2nd largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, ranking only behind Mexico.
  • Between 2010–2011, the number of Hispanics increased by 2.5%.
  • Hispanics will make up 30% of the nation’s population by 2050, according to projections from the 2010 U. S. Census.
  • 84% of Hispanics identify themselves as Christians.

Recent findings from the Pew Research Center
Facts from the 2010 U.S. Census

Do 1 Thing - Build Relationships

Douglas Street UMC began an after-school program for neighborhood children. The congregation provided the children’s parents with copies of El Aposento Alto.

Your church can reach out to Hispanics in your community, using El Aposento Alto.


10 Ways Your Church Can Use El Aposento Alto

  • 1. For outreach – Place copies of EAA at food pantries, clothing ministries, and shelters.
  • 2. For ESL classes – Use the English and Spanish editions side by side.
  • 3. To connect with others – Carry a copy of EAA in your purse or shirt pocket. Without saying a lot, you can offer EAA to others.
  • 4. As you go about your day – Leave a copy of EAA wherever you go, such as your workplace, restaurants, waiting rooms, public restrooms. Trust God to use EAA as a way to speak to others.
  • 5. To brush up on or learn Spanish – Subscribe to EAA and read each day’s meditation. If you’ve never read Spanish, choose 1-2 new words to learn each day.
  • 6. To involve your church in a service project or mission
  • trip – Raise money to buy copies of the EAA for a hospital or prison or to take on a mission trip.
  • 7. For a weekly bilingual study – Use The Upper Room and EAA as the core content. Each issue of The Upper Room contains an easy plan for a small-group meeting.
  • 8. For visitors’ packets – Include a devotional guide, your church information, and a few pieces of candy in each packet. Give a packet to each visitor.
  • 9. To encourage your community – As you visit people in your community, leave a copy of EAA or The Upper Room. Add a sticker, or stamp the copy with your church information.
  • 10. Where in the world is The Upper Room? – Use a globe or map to find countries where editions of The Upper Room are available. See the title page for a list of countries.
Aposento Alto

Order EAA for
Your Church

El Aposento Alto is available at the same low price as the English edition. Add it to your church account today. Order 10 or more copies and pay only $1.05 per copy!

A Guide for Developing
Hispanic Ministries

    Pentecost Journey gives Anglo churches step-by-step guidance for developing Hispanic ministries. The DVD contains:

  • guidance for 3 sessions
  • worksheets for assessing the need
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • a planning guide
  • personal stories from 5 Hispanic
  • For more information on Pentecost Journey, click here.

Background of EAA

El Aposento Alto was first translated and printed in Mexico City in 1938. Today it is distributed to Spanish speakers in the U.S., Puerto Rico, South America, Central America, Mexico, and in the Caribbean. An estimated 200,000 readers pray with the help of El Aposento Alto.

Learn more about El Aposento Alto.

The Church’s Call

God wants the church to serve as a bridge across cultures and languages. As Isaiah 56:7 (NIV) says, “My house will be called a house of prayer for all the nations.”

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